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Cast iron plate inspection method for precision casting industry

The production experience of precision casting manufacturers is known: inspection method

1. Ratio of contact area of cast iron plate

Applying the display agent on the inclined surface of the inspected flat worker, and grinding on the flat plate not lower than the precision level, showing obvious contact points on the tested flat plate, and then scribing 2.5 mm in a range of 50 mm×50 mm ×2.5mm small square transparent sheets (such as plexiglass sheets) placed at any position on the working surface of the panel to be inspected, and the ratio of the area occupied by the contact points in each square is observed in turn (by 1/ 10 is the unit.) Find the sum of the above ratios, divide by 4 is the ratio of the contact area of the detected part. To obtain a typical value, the ratio of the contact area should be measured at another position. The average of the secondary results.

2. Cast iron plate plane fluctuation

Place the plane wave meter on the flat working surface and move the plane wave meter along any straight line direction. The moving distance is half of the diagonal length of the flat plate and should not be less than 200mm. Take the indication table of the plane wave meter (the index value is 0.001) The difference between the most value and the minimum value on mm) is the amount of plane fluctuation of the working surface of the plate to be inspected.

3. Cast iron plate deflection

Place the detecting device on the working surface of the tested plate, and contact the measuring head of the torsion spring comparator with the working surface when no load is applied (for accurate measurement, a thin piece can be placed between the measuring head and the working surface) Make a note of the reading. Then apply the force according to the rated load specified in Table 5 and record the reading; the difference between the two readings is the deflection value of the working surface of the tested plate under the rated load.

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