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High-tech efforts have greatly promoted the stagnation of investment casting facilities and property.

High-tech efforts have greatly promoted the stagnation of investment casting facilities and property, which will lose more brilliant achievements in the future.

In order to deal with the above achievements, a "high-tech craze" of learning skills, improving quality, breaking the barrier and comparing with dedication has emerged among the domestic enterprises with strict precision casting facilities.

In recent years, a small number of investment casting enterprises have emerged in China. However, the overall level of light industry in fine smelting facilities is still lagging behind the domestic conservative level, and the output of facilities is still satisfied without the market demand of fine smelting facilities.

In addition, they also give full play to their own maintenance efforts, ineffective treatment of investment casting facilities in the process of manufacturing and consumption of difficulties encountered by all ethnic groups. Engineers use morning professional work, backbone teaching, collective discussion, exchange for further study, mutual progress, in the form of technology mastery, facility protection, consumption pipeline, etc.

Yesterday, we introduced to you the knowledge of precision casting: the facility consists of sand-washing table, sand-washing pipe, heating pipe, acid-resistant pump, medicine water tank and other components to form a semi-active frosting machine, which combines heating, stirring and sand-washing as a whole; and it has dealt with the shortcomings of frosting machine in the process of frosting, such as uneven frosting, rapid evaporation of medicinal water, simple operation and great breath. Let's wait for your concern!

Practical category of sand drenching machine: dull glass frosting machine is widely used in frosting processing of cost-of-living glass, dull glass, curtain wall construction, glass door/window glass, tempered, hollow partition fan and other glass products; frosted glass products processed by this facility can improve the rejection rate of goods, stable frosted quality, easy operation, waste wild goods and increase profits of goods. It can save labor and time, increase the consumption of pharmaceutical water, and is loved by vast small and medium-sized processing factories.

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