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Precision casting is more eye-catching at an alarming rate

China's precision casting should be developed with priority. Grasping the timing requires the established policy and development goals. Precision casting is the leader in the world's foundry industry. As a representative of the foundry industry in high-tech fields, precision casting must play its role. Model role and lead role.

Main products: precision castings, spheroidal castings, heat-resistant castings, mechanical parts casting, casting steel parts, civil air defense engineering, explosion-proof floor drain, well ring manhole cover, drainage tweezers, furnace tweezers, desilter accessories, wear-resistant hammer head , axle housing casting, etc. Casting imports will continue to grow in the short term, and casting exports will have great development. If the precision casting industry can achieve its development goals and expand itself, then the precision casting industry will be able to play its leading role in the foundry industry and lead the development of the foundry industry.

The elimination of low-level technology, poor product quality, serious pollution, the old casting mode, the formation of relatively concentrated "small giants" and "star enterprises" to achieve "professional, large-scale" production. In particular, one or two key enterprises that can compete with world-renowned enterprises must emerge. They have high technical level, excellent technology and equipment, strong capital and advanced management level, and can continuously provide high-grade and high-quality foundry products to the market. The rate is high.

At present, China's precision casting and casting technology has many gaps in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, in addition to many factories and many employees. Willing to go ahead and take the lead in the market adjustment. Make contributions to the country's environmental protection cause.

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