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Precision Casting - Process

Precision casting process:

Wax (wax waxing mold)---- wax repair----wax inspection----group tree (wax module tree)---- shelling (first paste, sand, re-slurry , and finally the mold shell is air-dried)---- Dewaxing (steam dewaxing)---- Form shell roasting---- Chemical analysis---- Pouring (casting molten steel in the mold shell)----Vibration off Shell---- Cutting and pouring of casting and pouring rod----Grinding gate---- Initial inspection (hair blank inspection)---- Shot blasting----Machining---- Polishing--- - Finished product inspection --- storage.

The casting production process is generally such that it can be divided into wax, shell, casting, post-treatment, and inspection.

1. Pressing wax includes (pressing wax, repairing wax, grouping trees): pressing wax---using waxing machine to make wax mold;

Repair wax---correct the wax mold;

Group tree---The wax mold is grouped.

2. The shell includes (hanging sand, hanging pulp, air drying);

3. Casting includes (baking, chemical analysis is also called spectroscopy, casting, shaking shell, gate, grinding gate);

4. Post-treatment includes (blasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling);

5. Inspection includes (wax inspection, initial inspection, intermediate inspection, finished product inspection).

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