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Precision casting wax material solution process operation rules based on old wax function and wax material

The precision casting wax processing technology operation rules are based on the old wax function and the consumption of wax materials. If there is no demand, the new wax is being added in the static bucket II, which is normally 3%-5% inside and outside. The recovered wax liquid settled in the static tank II is sent to the die-pressing machine for the main production die (runner). The task status of the fire control gages of each facility is often reviewed to prevent loss of control, and in particular, the excessive temperature rise should be prevented to form wax aging. It can be used to suppress the wax mold after being kept at 54±2°C for 24h. Conditional forms are often reviewed to prevent contamination of the soil and national products into the wax. The liquid level of each conductive oil in the wax solution facility shall be reviewed once a month. The oil surface shall be within 200mm from the top surface of the facility to prevent oil spillage. The wax in the precision casting besides the rice barrel is kept fresh at 110-120 ° C and stirred to keep the residual moisture boiling until the wax is in the name of no wax. Each of the rice bowls and the rest tanks should be used to release the residual water and dirty products at the bottom. Whether the review facility or fire control gage can be in the form of a deformed task. The decent wax liquid is poured into the wax tank of the fresh-keeping box, in order to reduce the gas in the wax liquid in the wax bath, first maintain a low temperature period of 80 ° C / 2 h and then drop to 54 ° C. The wax liquid except the water is filtered through a<60 mesh screen and placed in a static barrel II of <90 ° C, and kept for 12 hours. Also pay attention to the inspection facility for seepage. After standing and letting off the accumulated water, pour the wax into the rice bowl. The old wax liquid recovered from the dewaxing kettle is poured into a filter tank for filtration; and then sent to the static tank I, and it is allowed to stand at below 90 ° C for 6-8 h. In addition to the rice barrel, the static barrel should be drained and drained in time.

1. Process parameters of precision casting wax:

Fresh-keeping box Freshness measurement 54±2°C Fresh-keeping time >24h

Static bucket II resting measurement 80-85 °C rest time >12h

In addition to the rice barrel, the mixing and measuring degree is 110-120 °C, and the mixing time is 10-12h.

Resting time 6-8h

Resting measurement 85-90 ° C

Resting bucket

2. Precision casting wax operation sequence:

(Still in the bucket I) Resting hair loss → (except in the rice bucket) Stirring and boiling hair loss → (Still bucket) Resting and decontamination

There are more than 30,000 precision casting companies in the country, more than the total number of precision foundries in various countries. Because the precision foundry has too many points and a small range, the annual output of each enterprise is very low, but the light industry is booming 1/9~1/4, which is even lower than the average output of Indian enterprises. Similarly, the precision casting enterprises with an annual output of 1,000 tons in Shanxi Province account for 30% to 50% of the total smelting enterprises in the province. The inner part includes a tight atmosphere gas storage tank, a compact atmosphere high-efficiency degreaser, a compact atmosphere fine filter, a refrigerating dryer, an adsorption dryer, and a compact atmosphere rear ice maker. The solution to the facility after tightening the atmosphere refers to a complete set of facility filtration and boring facilities developed in addition to the large liquid particles, a small amount of water and oil contained in the compact atmosphere of the atmosphere compactor.

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