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The huge market takes a little time for the stagnation of precision casting.

1. The international market has been growing.

The stagnation of precision casting in a huge market in China takes a very short time.

2. Precision, Excellence, Light, Heavy and Green are the stagnant positions of goods.

In the consumption process of precision casting, such as mould making, shell making, roasting, smelting, pouring, liquidation and cutting, purifying sources often emerge. The regulations of China Mass Democratic State Conditions Shielding Law, Establishment of Management Method for Name Conditions Shielding and Establishment of Conception Rules for Name Conditions Shielding have made clear rules for condition shielding.

At present, unless some enterprises have achievements in skills, they often cause delays in delivery, overstock of storage, loss of control of data consumption, low frequency and other achievements. The introduction of computer governance and lean thinking will not help enterprises to better display the frequency of people, money and goods, thus improving casting quality, increasing profits, limiting customer satisfaction, and adapting to changes in market demand. 。 The current three-level and five-type conditional shielding system in China has clear specifications for conditional quality, pollutant discharge and conditional monitoring.

3. Precision Casting Goods "Sanhua"

After the birth of China's precision casting industry, it is necessary to unilaterally improve the quality of castings, improve the structure of goods and increase the variety of alloys. In this regard, the country and the cause have some norms, and there are two most active methods at present:

4. Make every effort to promote the initiative, intellectualization and environmental protection of process equipments, and take the environmental protection of process.

That is to say, lean-to create value-added goods by consuming at least resources, so as to make crafts of goods; serialization-to make a series of distinctions between old goods according to market pattern, "do something, do nothing", to develop new goods, to show a wide spectrum and stagnation position of enterprise strategy; modularization-to spread existing goods horizontally to satisfy users'needs and needs. Price, complete the transformation from cargo-oriented to process-oriented, and further promote the market force of cargo. For enterprises that have not been certified by conditional governance system, the time limit rectification, certification qualifications, and appropriate financial responsibility system help for certified enterprises. As shown in Figure 2, the annual import value has dropped from 157 million yuan in 1993 to 3.4 billion yuan in 2002, showing a rapid decline. With the deepening of global economic integration and global marketing, the import will continue to increase at a high speed. With the progress of requests for the whole machine, more and more sand castings or standard castings will be replaced by precision castings.

At present, Beibu Gulf Ocean precision casting technology is equipped with a considerable degree of difference, including mold making, shell making, smelting, finishing and the remaining process facilities of the initiative, intelligent degree and domestic level difference is obvious, the same voice includes plant equipment is in, from the assumption of consumer pipeline conditions to cover the wrist is still difficult to eliminate the source of damage. It is reflected in:

5. Entry increases year by year

The high-speed stagnation of China's economy has made the international precision casting market expand day by day. For example, the high-speed stagnation of bus property has impeded the rapid promotion of the output and brand of precision casting goods for buses, and the stagnation of the building construction industry has led to a sharp increase in the demand for construction metals. The enterprises invested in China are indirectly promoting the whole machine from other regions, and the original domestic market orders have become international market orders.

6. Improving the structure of goods and promoting the quality of goods are the sole obligations of Chinese precision casting enterprises.

"Refinement" means fine and precise; "excellence" means no shortcomings; "light" means lightweight construction and materials; "heavy" is the main component; "green" means clean consumption and green smelting.

7. The market of precision castings, replacement sand castings and standard castings is narrow.

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