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There should be ventilation facilities in the cleaning room of precision casting die set

3.3 There should be air exchange facilities in the cleaning room of precision casting module, and the atmosphere should be dull. And strictly prohibit fireworks, do a good job of insurance and fire prevention tasks.

2.2 Remove the wax module which has been assembled and welded for 45 minutes from the front of the carriage. First, immerse the module thoroughly in the washing liquid, and then go back and forth three times for about 5 seconds. Lift the module and drip the solid.

2.5 Spot check module cleaning effect:

2.4 Hang the washed module to the delivery car. (Precision casting can be used within 40 days and above 6000-8000 groups with one wash liquid)

3 Notes for Attention

2.5.3 If the modules are not completely wetted, the whole batch of modules must be washed again.

2.5.1 Two groups were selected from the same batch of washed modules and immersed in silica sol (0.5% wetting agent withdrawn from volume). After extraction, the wettability was carelessly examined.

2 Operational Processes

1.2 Room Temperature 24 (+3 (?)

1.1 Damping Agent ZF-301, etc.

1 Process Request

3.1 If the liquid level falls, it is necessary to replenish the new liquid in time. After application, the investment casting was destroyed by sealing with the cover except for all the domestic products.

3.2 In the process of using the cleaning liquid, the falling wax models should be stored in time.

2.5.2 can be thoroughly wetted to indicate that the cleaning effect is excellent. This module can be rinsed off silica sol in water, blown off water in a compact atmosphere, and hanged to the front of the carriage for use. If the red flake is purified, it should be put aside for 24 hours, 2/3 of the pickle filtrate is sucked out, other dirty liquids are poured out, and new liquids are added, so that it can be reused.

2.1 Washing liquid was prepared by contrast and stirred.

2.3 Store the wax module in a compressed atmosphere to dry or cool the module.

The use of conservative dust removal forms will be accompanied by the aging of facilities, the absence of overlapping liquidation or the sudden occurrence of too much dust and can not be completely removed, floating in the atmosphere, major reaction task conditions, to the insurance consumption has brought heartbreak.

The advantage of this kind of dust collector is that it integrates three types of dust collector and complements each other. The atmosphere introduced along the tangent line enters the vortex cylinder, and the further contaminated cyclone descends along the exhaust air cylinder and indirectly discharges into the air. Because it is necessary to synthesize the dust removal fragmentation stopping conditions and stop the pipeline fragmentation plan, to confirm the pipe diameter and barrier of each pipeline section, to ensure the air flow distribution within the fragmentation to reach the request. If the selection of fans is too large, one range will increase the injection and operation of facilities, the other range will also form a shot blasting machine and other facilities negative pressure is too large, increase the consumption of steel shot. Therefore, the water bath dust collector can be used for dust removal, but also for gas ice, pollution. The Golden Rooster's independent facility has been modified to "one-to-one" suction and dust removal fragments. At the beginning of the year, the bag dust collector has achieved good results, but it has some fatal weaknesses, such as large liquidation task, simple and broken. Once the dirt adheres to the bag, it will greatly improve the efficiency of dust removal and the service life of the bag. In addition, the facility operation is relatively high. Centrifugal (lamb horn) dust removal takes up a large proportion of the sky, which is suitable for solving larger particles of dust, and the effect of coarse dirt dust removal is the same as that of centrifugal (lamb horn) dust removal. No good. 自创国际外各族保守除尘设施运用成效的根底上,经过近一年多的奋力,终究开收回了一种集喷淋、冲锋陷阵精密铸造水浴和涡旋一体的除尘器,辨别用来喷砂、抛丸、切削等岁序的集合除尘。 Water-bath dust collector has high dust removal frequency for polluted low-temperature, high humidity, high specific resistance, explosive and easily exposed dusty gases. In addition, the requirement for dusty gas is not very strict. The sewage discharged from the dust collector is reused after being polluted by a cumbersome accumulator, and the sludge in the tank is cleared and discharged in a live period.

The choice of fan has great effect on dust removal.

The dust mainly contains non-metallic debris, non-metallic particles, broken steel balls (smaller size) and fine sand powder which occurs when the shell is peeled under the machine. The purification brought about by investment casting consumption has been completely dealt with.

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