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What is the classification of the casting system?

Metal casting is to melt the metal into a liquid state, and then pour the liquid metal into a pre-made mold cavity. After cooling and solidifying, a casting having a specific shape and size is obtained, such as a cast.

Depending on certain advantages of metal casting, the following points must be noted when designing the casting system: metal casting speed is greater than about 20% of the sand type. Secondly, when the liquid metal is filled, the gas in the cavity should be smoothly removed. The flow direction should be the same as the direction of the liquid flow, and the gas should be smoothly pushed to the riser or the gas riser; in addition, the liquid metal should be paid attention to. The flow is stable during filling, does not cause swirling flow, does not impact the wall or core, and is less likely to cause splashing.

Metal casting systems are generally classified into top-injection type and side-injection type.

Top-injection style, its heat distribution is reasonable, it is conducive to sequential solidification, can reduce the consumption of molten metal, but the flow of molten metal is unstable, easy to enter, when the casting is high, it is easy to impact the bottom of the rubber or core. If it is used for casting aluminum alloy parts, it is basically only suitable for simple parts with a height of the casting of not more than one hundred millimeters.

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